What Is In A Rating?

It seems to be these days that the entertainment business has changed what exactly dictates the rating that is giving for a film or television show. Sometimes, the rating is pretty self explanatory and it I clear why it is giving. However, there is definitely a thin line forming between what is truly appropriate for our adolescents and teenagers to watch, especially when it comes to the PG-13 ratings we see on the majority of films. We are going to take a look at how Hollywood depicts their movies by rating, and what is truly appropriate for the generation watching.
Back even just a few years prior, we were seeing the majority of films that were rated PG and PG-13 almost falling under the same category of what was allowed to be seen by that age range, whereas rated R films held most of the films with strong language and nudity. However, as the years have gone in, our society has become more and more accepting to the idea that the PG-13 rating means that swearing and innuendos are okay for our younger generation to witness at that age. In other words, as time has passed, it seems as though PG-13 and R rated films have fallen more into the same category rather than the latter from a decade ago.
Even though Hollywood seems to be calling the shots when it comes to how movies and television are rated, it does not mean we have to settle for those ideas. We can teach our children when it is truly the correct time to allow them to see those depictions of actions meant for adults. We can be the ones to truly run the show when it comes to movies by rating.