Career Building – Dead or Alive?

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I had recently written a bit where I mentioned that a Graduate should treat their first CV with as much respect as the dissertation they had to write at College. This can be said for anybody, at any stage of their work-life and a CV should be treated with respect and love, as in the end it is your history on 2-3 pages. Candidates usually assume that a recruiter can second guess what a CV could be saying. The amount of occasions a candidate would flip round to me and complain they had not been shortlisted for a role and say ‘Effectively I’ve done that’ or ‘I have obtained experience in that’. Do not assume a recruiter can thoughts learn! When you’ve got finished it, GET IT IN YOUR CV! There is no such thing as a level complaining you did not get shortlisted for a task in case your … Read More


Everything You Should Know About Working with Creative Staffing Company

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Sometimes you will not be able to find appropriate gig while freelancing and that is a fact. You are swimming and uncertain waters, which mean that you have to see the stable thing that, will provide you financial stability you wanted in the first place.

Finding a creative staffing agency means that this will allow you to connect with top brands, learn more experience than before and improve your wellbeing.

You can find organizations that are specially made to help you find a permanent or temporary position for art directions, designers, writers, video directors, social media managers, web developers and many more.

Agencies have an agreement with companies to find the best candidates for freelance, part-time or full-time gigs.

The main idea of this particular type of employment is that you will get health insurance and retirement’s accounts, which is not something you have as a freelancer.

However, working with … Read More