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To give a shining example, the 28 year old doctor who refused the supply of $30,000 plus from medical colleges, insurance coverage and drug companies, and private foundations. As a substitute he is paid $12,000 a yr by the group he founded whereas he was still in medical faculty. This is only one example of the new breed of docs who commit themselves to the improvement of the quality and supply of medical care in America.

As Lord Acton’s well-known quote predicts, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”, organisations must build internal “countervailing energy” mechanism as mentioned by J Ok Galbraith in his e book ‘American Capitalism’. Little doubt organizations need performing leaders, but not at the price subduing the rights of different staff members. More with regards to impartiality and equity can be read in ‘The Concept Of Justice’ by Amartya Sen.


You sit again, slowly,

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