Survey: Locum Tenens Now a Core Operational Strategy

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When locum tenens was in its infancy some 40 years ago, it was largely seen as an option of last resort for hospitals that had no other choice for temporarily filling staffing holes. It has since evolved to become so much more. Healthcare facilities that previously only used locums on a short-term emergency basis now consider locum staffing a core part of their operational strategies.

According to Yahoo! Finance, a recently released survey taken among clinicians, healthcare executives, and administrators reveals a whole new attitude about locum tenens medicine. Data shows the locum concept in a strong position across the board. That is good news for locum clinicians and staffing agencies alike.

From Short-Term to Long-Term

One of the key components of the research was its demonstration of how locum tenens medicine has been transformed from a short-term emergency tool into a long-term core strategy. Research data shows that … Read More

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New Questions About Jobs Hiring Answered And Why You Should Read Every Word of This Report

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A� Verification of schooling as it pertains to their employment position. This takes a certain amount of time and dedication to the occupation. It’s not simple to realize strong expertise when you are first beginning out as an engineer. There are jobs on the market hiring teenagers, and then there are on-line teen jobs, and there is a … Read More