How To Make Money As A Freelance

How To Make Money As A Freelance

Right from the time, Google came up with an AdSense money-making system. A lot of people have in the process leave their hard-money-making life for a better one. As time goes on, working as a freelancer became a better option, particularly when the rate at which Google ban account becomes so worrisome. Freelance sites like fiverr and others came to the rescue as more people who have different skills can make a living working right from inside their bedroom. However, we shall be talking about things or tools needed for you to become a certified freelancer who is ready to make money online. Let’s get started.


Get A Skill

A freelancer is someone who sells a qualification for a living. It does not matter the amount of time spent to deliver the job; what matters is that they provide services for money, which is what some people call trading time for money. Depending on your skill, some freelancers are graphic designers, video editors, content writers brander, and so on. What matters is that you must be a professional in your field and wait to see how people will come to you to request your service.

Internet Connection

There is no how you will work as a freelancer that you will not need a reliable internet connection. The reason why you will need one is that 90% of your customers are online to give you jobs. It’s not a door to door services but a sit at home service. In this wise, you must have a reliable internet connection so that you can have access to meet clients at any time of the day online.

A Laptop

You will need a PC (laptop) or, at worst, a desktop. A Laptop is the most common because you will be able to carry it around, unlike the immobile desktop. A laptop will give you the privilege to render some kinds of services like typing in Google docs, editing images in Photoshop, video editing with Camtasia, transcription, and uploading images to a WordPress website.


As a freelancer who wants to stand on his own, you need a website where people can reach you as you don’t have an office where they can locate you. At this stage, you need to have a mutual agreement with your buyers so that you can get paid because no client will pay first without getting their job done yet. They will think you will run away with their money if they pay early. At the same time, after you have finished their job and you deliver, they can as well run away with your money, which is the most painful. In other for such situations not to occur, it is advisable that you open an account on a freelance site like fiverr so that your client can pay you through that means even though fiverr will be taking part of the money the client will be paying you.

Making money online as a freelancer is a good idea, but you must have a skill and register with a freelance site. Most of all, you must be a professional in whatever you do to avoid bad ratings.

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