Job Opportunities for Commerce Students

Job Opportunities for Commerce Students

Commerce is the backbone of any country’s economy. It makes the base of every society where financials aspect needs an expert to rely on. Thus, become one such expert and take commerce stream after Class 10. You can also join the best commerce coaching for better guidance. Moreover, if you do so, you will be able to help manage the economy no matter whether it is a small level or big.

However, students often couldn’t gauge with vibrant job opportunities available in the stream. Therefore, they need guidance from a skilled teacher/counsellor from commerce coaching. 

With help and guidance, they can explore the stream and find a suitable job. This way, they can meet their aims and make their dreams real. Owing to this, this blog discusses the best opportunities for commerce students in the later part. 

What does commerce mean?

As a stream, commerce is as learning business and trade activities. The study involves all activities right from the producer to the consumer. The major subjects are business studies, accountancy, statistics, and economics.

Evidently, this stream is one of the evergreen streams with better job opportunities. For students who keep a keen interest in business and commerce achieve milestones. 

What is the scope of the commerce stream?


With the trades and businesses changing worldwide, students prefer the commerce stream more than the science field. It has become a popular choice having better career options and financial security. 

In Ahmadabad only, students are more inclined towards taking commerce as their stream. Moreover, they are lucky to find the best commerce classes in Ahmadabad for better guidance for their career and studies.

Surely, these coaching classes support students in their studies and examinations. They help them make better career choices according to the current market trends.

They guide students about the viable fields students can get placement into after studying commerce.

However, some career opportunities stay evergreen if you opt for commerce as a stream. Below explained are five such job opportunities.

What are the evergreen jobs for commerce stream students?

1. Charted Financial Analyst (CFA)

CFA is a reputed designation in the investment management field. A certified and well-renowned CFA performs various jobs. To name a few, the jobs are managing wealth, credit analysis, and income analysis. 

Undoubtedly, it makes a highest paying job with an annual income of approximately Rs. 10 to 12 lakhs.

2. CA (Chartered Accountant)

CA is a top designation. It requires hard work and complete knowledge of the commerce sector. This key position involves the finance management of organizations. A CA handles their cash inflow & outflow and provides financial advice.

Evidently, the demands of a qualified CA are at an all-time high. The job fetches aspirants a salary ranging from Rs. 6 to 7 lakhs with immense expertise and qualifications in most countries.

But they also need to justify their role. The role of a CA includes responsibilities like preparing financial reports, advising clients for trade and business, and guiding investments. 

3. Certified Public Accountant

The requirements to become a CPA may vary everywhere. Aspirants need to clear the CPA examination and undergo educational training. Yet, there is one thing common – financial security. 

Earlier, they had to visit the USA to take the exams. Nowadays, students have easy options of taking tests by AICPA and NASBA. A CPA could get Rs. 6.5 to 8 lakhs with a decent experience.

4. Investment Banker

Investment bankers typically work for financial institutions, government agencies & firms. They help them raise funds through investment in the capital markets. Their job is to give financial advice to help businesses/individuals make money. 

An investment banker with sound knowledge and expertise can easily make Rs. 5 to 10 lakhs per annum. This job profile easily fetches an annual Rs 2.5 lakhs to beginners. Owing to this fact, it is another high-paying job for students studying in the commerce stream. 

5. Actuary 

An actuary deals with the risks involved in the insurance industry. For this reason, the job holder requires great knowledge of present and future market trends. He also needs mathematical skills to predict the financial impacts. 

The risks involved include loss of property, person, and disability. A person as an actuary can easily get an annual salary ranging from Rs. 3.5 to 10 lakhs according to his expertise. Thus, an actuary earns quite high as a professional. 

The final put

So, these are some of the highest-paying jobs in the commerce industry. If you choose to make a career out of these, then you make better financial conditions.

But pursuing a career out of those jobs demands hard work and guidance. If you trust yourself with hard work, visit UKIC online. It is the best commerce coaching in Ahmedabad, and not to mention, coaching is very important to move on the right path. The mentors there will listen to your career prospects and dreams. They can make you aware of your strengths and weaknesses. They will also guide you in the right direction. Along with it, you will get help in your studies to make the right career choices according to your skills.

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