Jobs for Social People

Jobs for Social People


Are you in the market for a job, but not totally sure in what field? Finding a new job can be a daunting task, but if you know yourself that’s a good place to start! If you want to work with others and love face-to-face time with all sorts of people, check out the following jobs to see if any of them could potentially be the right fit.


A job in Nevada real estate is perfect if like to be around and talk to other people. As a realtor, you are responsible for interacting with a wide range of people on a daily basis. Depending on which aspect of realty you’re involved in, you could be speaking with prospective home buyers, home sellers, mortgage companies, and other realtors, in addition to those who work in your office. Helping people sell a home or buy their dream home can be a rewarding experience that might be right up your alley! The pay for this job varies significantly, dependent upon how successful you are, how expensive the homes you work with are, and whether you work for a company.


Teachers work with people all day long throughout almost the entire year. If you love helping people learn, this is the career for you! You could work with whatever age range you prefer, whether it be young children, teenagers, or even adult learners, and could be employed at a public or private school or even a community college.

Bus Driver

Although this might not be the most obvious choice for social people, working as a bus driver could provide you with innumerable opportunities to interact with people on a daily basis. If you’re a school bus driver, you can drive around kids, and if you’re a city bus driver you’ll have the opportunity to greet and speak with people of all ages at any time of day. As a bus driver you may have the chance to meet people from a wide variety of backgrounds and hopefully even encourage them on their daily commute.


As a salesperson, you will interact with people every day in an attempt to help them buy whatever they want or need at your store. Salespeople can work in any variety of store, ranging from car dealerships to clothing stores, so you’ll have plenty of choices available if you decide to go this route! To be a salesperson you must be willing to greet customers with a smiling face and help them find whatever they need.

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