Reasons Why Onsite Working Beats Remote Working

There are many compelling reasons for working remotely, but some employment experts argue that working onsite is better than telecommuting. Virtual teams working in diverse geographic areas are common in many organizations today with some of its team members working onsite as traditional office jobs. Many believe that onsite working will soon die but here are some arguments as to why office jobs are here to stay and triumph.

Working onsite fosters innovation

Many remote jobs offer flexibility but still, there are times when physical bodies are needed in the real workplace. Working together as team onsite foster collaborations which lead to innovations that improve the fortunes of an organization, impromptu meetings hallway, and cafeteria discussions are good for company brainstorming and idea conceptualization.

It is easy to manage onsite teams than remote teams

Team leaders find it easy to manage onsite teams than those working remotely. Having remote teams as a team leader means extra baggage to manage. It needs high discipline on the side of the remote team members for the team to be successful otherwise problems will culminate day in day out.

Poor remote working tools

Remote tools might go wrong in the middle of a meeting, things to do with network connectivity and many other factors considering these remote team members are located in diverse geographical locations hence there is every reason for technology to turn things down. Remote working conditions contribute to the productivity of the organization and managing the remote workplace of each team member is impossible.

Some employees don’t want to work remotely

In some cases, employees don’t feel good working remotely. They enjoy working onsite as compared to working remotely. There is that feeling of belonging to a workplace that lacks in working remotely for an organization.

Some employees can’t telecommute

Not every employee has a set of skills to allow them to perform tasks remotely. If some of the character traits lacking in some employees, then working remotely can be disastrous. These traits include punctuality, self-discipline, time management skills, communication and the ability to work faster than the rest to catch up with others.

There is better communication in the office

Some aspects make remote communication impossible. Like the sharing of physical items between colleagues in a team, without proper communication, the trust will go down and productivity will follow the suit.

Onsite workers are easier to trust compared to remote workers

Someone might engage in other commitments leaving office work at disarray because there is no one to supervise them and with the notion of ‘they can do overtime’ which might lead to missed deadlines. It is not possible to measure how long it takes someone to accomplish a task if they are working remotely.

Some jobs can’t be done remotely

A small percentage of tasks can be done remotely which requires highly skilled personnel in different fields including the IT field to allow them to work using computers. The majority of work needs to be done onsite.

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