A Brief Guide to Hair Follicle Tests For My Job

It is vital to understand the importance of pre-employment drug screening, especially if you wish to work for a large company.

Generally, we can differentiate three situations in which you can encounter a drug screening.

  • In case you apply for a federally certified job, which requires mandatory screening for all applicants. We are talking about the positions such as Border Patrol and Customs agents as well as military, transportation, and other private sector industries that have federal contracts. You should click here to learn more about federal regulations about mandatory drug testing.
  • If you wish, to start working in an unsafe position such as construction or oil rigs, among other things.
  • Finally, employers can decide to conduct pre-employment screening for numerous reasons. Some of them wish to make their workplaces 100% drug-free due to various incentive programs that require regular testing.

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