5 Foods Options to Eat Before a Job Interview

We suppose you’ve been in that room feeling nervous, all arms and armpits sweating from anxiety.

We’ve been there too and we know how it feels to hurriedly leave home for an interview. Most times, we go on empty stomachs and this reflects negatively on the result of the interview.

Collected.Reviews has enough proof of this. Yet, there are several alternative decisions we can make. We can either grab quick snacks on our way to the interview or take full meals. However, not all meals work toward our best mindset and confidence needed for scaling.

From looking at beverage stores to online food shops, here are 5 food options we compiled for your interview.

1. Proteinous Food:

Avoiding heavy meals means you would go for light meals. Proteinous meals are thus ideal in this regard. Aside from making you feel light, these meals also reduce your blood pressure which is … Read More

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